Tuesday, 23 April 2013

NextVideo Pro 1.0.5


NextVideo is the next-step in video streaming. It works by strategically navigating itself through the internet to provide users with links to a wide variety of series and movies submitted by users to several video sharing sites like novamov, firebox, divxstage, muchshare, vidbull, nowvideo, sidereel, and videoweed.
This app uses a nice clean ICS Interface that WORKS on lower android versions up to Froyo (Android 2.2)!
This app also boasts an impressive reach of 8,000+ series and 48,000+ movies, which beats other competitors like streamcomplete, TV Portal, jetflicks, or even Videomix. About 95% of the videos will have links and it also supports spanish or German subtitles.

In order to watch TV streams and movies, you will need a media player that is capable of playing many different video formats and capable of streaming video. Suggested media players that you can download on the google play store are: MX Player, VPlayer, DicePlayer,BSPlayer, or MoboPlayer. 
To see all installed players during selection, select "complete action using: internet" first, then another prompt will show all players. Note that some free media players are ad supported when you pause the video in their free version. As some may not realize, no we do not control that.

From to time the video streaming sites may change the layout or backend of their website causing an error while downloading the video link details. If this occurs simply send an email to ssaint49@gmail.com to have this problem fixed immediately- posting a negative and unconstructive comment does not benefit anyone and we cannot reply directly to a comment.

Pro & Lite Version:
The lite version has the search option locked and some of the letters of the videos to select from locked aswell (more can be unlocked by making a post to facebook from the app). It also has ads. Pro version has no restrictions and no ads.

Support page can be found at: www.facebook.com/NextVideoApp

This app can also be moved to your sd card to save space.

So what are you waiting for? get the full version now before price rises!

DMCA Notice:
NextVideo, its owner(s) or its developer(s), do not own, host, store, share, or distribute any content, video or otherwise, whatsoever.NextVideo simply provides a tool for its users to locate videos that already exist on many online video and file sharing service websites. Because NextVideo does not store any information, we cannot directly remove content that appears in the application. However, if you are the copyright owner of content that appears in NextVideo app, or any online sharing site, and you did not authorize the use of the content, there are steps that you can take to have the content removed AND you can send an email to ssaint49@gmail.com with valid credentials and the name of the show/movie, hosting link name, and we will remove it from the search algorithm. The link aggregate sites are DMCA complaint and are categorized as online service providers by that act. You may have infringing content removed by notifying them through their respective websites:for example: TV Links (http://www.tv-links.eu/tos.html#dmca).

What's New:

1.0.5- Scrollable movies reduced from 48,000+ to 22,000+ to stop crashes for devices with low memory. You can still search through the 48,000+ movies via search function.
1.0.4- Fixed huge bug that caused crashes after version 1.0.2 update.
1.0.3- Crash fixes.
1.0.2-Picture now displays on description of show/movie even if pictures was unchecked at the beginning. This allows users to favorite the show/movie.
1.0.1-bug fixes.

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