Wednesday, 22 May 2013

InoMail - Email 1.6.4


InoMail - Unified email app

Have you been looking for the "perfect" email application?

Look no longer;
InoMail is the email app which has it all.
InoMail is best email client for android.

If you use InoMail, email isn't difficult anymore.

Rich text editing (HTML) which let you make the emails both interesting and eye-cathing by choosing fonts, style, color etc.

Now also with rich text editing of your signature.
Add attachments with ease, with the built-in file explorer, and save all incoming attachments on the SD-card.

If you have any inconvenience, please don't comment in the market. I can't solve issues only by comments.

Please read InoMail guide or contact "" because many times comments about problems is only a lack of knowledge on how to use Inomail.
InoMail user guide:

If you are satisfied, please make an positive evaluation here at the market. It'll help us to grow into a even more powerful InoMail.

- POP3, IMAP protocol
- Push and polling sub folders
- Multiple accounts
- Built-in file explorer
- Single or multiple html signature per account, or one common.
- Single or multiple ringtone per account.
- Organize grouping messages by subject.
- Landscape mode
- 1x1 and 4x2 style widget.
- Silent notification setting by selected time.
- Compose html message (only paid version)
- Cute emoticon in compose message (only paid version)
- Colored theme -blue, black, pink. silver (only paid version)

What's New:

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