Monday, 13 May 2013

PerfectShot Unlimited 1.7


PerfectShot is a camera application that focus on features that help you improve your photos BEFORE they are taken rather than after. By making use of features provided by the latest development of Android API and hardware, PerfectShot helps you eliminate chances of imperfect shots and improve efficiency of the controls so you can take better images and be ready sonner when the precious moment comes.

Main features:

★ Full auto mode uses information from gyroscope to detect the vibration of the phone and automatically choose the best moment to take the picture, in order to reduce the chance of producing blurry images. Since there's no need to press any button when you take a picture, you are able to operate this app with only one hand, which which gives you more flexibility and convenience.
★ Version 1.5 added video recording. Unlike standard video recording feature provided by the system app, PerfectShot video mode allow you to adjust camera parameters while the recording is in progress! Zoom, exposure compensation, focus & exposure area, white balance, color effect are all changeable while recording! This gives you endless possibilities!

★ Support auto exposure and auto focus area selection, which enables you to focus and exposure on selected object in your view. (This feature requires Android 4.0 and above, as well as hardware support to work. Unfortunately some popular Samsung devices such as Galaxy S3 and Note2 don't support AE area selection therefore you can only set AF area on these devices.)

★ Able to separate AE & AF area selection, which means exposure on one area but focus on another. This is perfect for shooting in complex lighting environment (low light, indoor, stage...) and achieving creative exposure effects like silhouette. (Same as above, some devices don't support this feature)

★ Smart auto focus system make sure you image is in focus. The AF indicator on screen shows you the status of auto focusing system, flashing AF icon means it's focusing, stable red means focus complete but not successful(eg. unable to find contrast to focus...), stable green means focus is successful.

★ Using AR (augmented reality) techniques, focus & metering area selection are able to follow the object you selected. Which means after your focus area selection for example, you can then move your camera to recompose the scene without needing to select the focus area again. Because the focus area will stay with the object while you turn your phone.

★ Virtual horizon lines in view finder that not only show you the tilt, but also the pitch angle of the camera. So you can be sure that your photo is perfectly level even when you are looking up or down.

★ Extreme optimisation provide fast startup time that is on par with the ICS native camera app, as well as a minimum apk size. This means you will be ready to shoot quicker. The app also seamlessly integrate into Android intent system so you can set it to take over the system camera request and even start it from lock screen. Photos taken by PerfectShot are saved in system gallery so you can browse, send, share and edit images with methods you are already familiar with.

★ Innovative UI design that helps you change settings swiftly and accurately. eg. AE/AF area selection takes only one touch. Most adjustments are operated through a virtual dial, a single touch and slide is enough to change any parameters within the app.

What's New:

UI animation
Bug fixes & error handling

1.01 Mb
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