Wednesday, 22 May 2013

SoftKeyZ ★ root 10.1


This application will let you change the SoftKeys / Navigation Buttons fast and easily. This app comes with more than 150+ different soft-buttons to choose from and more will be added with every update. If you got some navigation buttons you would like to see in this app just write an email about it. Until I've added them, you can just use the import feature for these soft keys. This application needs root and "BusyBox" to be installed. This app will NOT overwrite your applied themes, or enable the navigation buttons on devices without them.

Odexed ROM?: Some people are reporting small to bigger problems with odexed ROMs. Sometimes your choosen wallpaper can disappear.

WARNING: This app modifies system files and should only be used with a flashable backup of your current ROM on your device. The developer is not responsible for any damages.

This application will not work on some iterations of Samsung's TouchWiz, problems are know with the Note 2 running Jelly Bean.

What's New:

Version 10.1:
-BusyBox warning will show up if the busybox isn't installed correctly.
-smaller things
Version 10:
-User Interface improvements
-You can now change the glow when pressing a button
-You can now delete (imported) buttons from the collection (long press)
-Added orange aosp buttons
-Starting the app will now take a little bit longer, but it should detect buttons better
Version 9.01:
-Fixed the FC that occured while importing images and having cropping turned off

2.89 Mb
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