Saturday, 4 May 2013

Undroid 1.2.1


The first droid attack came without warning. Tens of thousands lost their lives defending earth against the invading force. Now, a droid transporter is on its way to deliver the second attack wave but this time we are prepared. Our long range communications group has hacked into their ship computer and taken control of one droid. You have been chosen to control that droid. You must weaken the enemy before they arrive on earth by using the droid to inflict maximum damage on the attacking droid army. You have seven days before they reach Earth.


Sensor / joystick controls
16 upgradeable weapons + specials
27 unique enemies
80 levels
Soundtrack by Buzzer

Note that Undroid requires the Ministro II libraries (less than 20 mb). If these are not installed on your device then please install Ministro II the first time you start Undroid.

What's New:

New in version 1.2.0:
Font bug fixed
Added optional 3D effect
New in version 1.2.1:
Visual damage indicator
Small resolution device fixes (ie. Samsung Galaxy Fit. Thanks Franz)
Minor bug fixes
An additional type of virtual joystick (Starting point does not move. Thanks Elliott)

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