Tuesday, 18 June 2013

iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper 1.1.2


iOS 7 packed in one pleasantly unique feature in their otherwise mundane and static background persona (which they've maintained for donkeys years). They called this feature "the iOS Parallax Effect". Parallax essentially creates an aura around the otherwise movement challenged stoic wallpaper that iOS has housed for ages now.

This new backdrop feature literally comes alive while you tilt, roll and pitch your device. The result here is the one most simplistically amazing experiences that you can ever see on your device.

iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper for Android replicates that experience on your Android device (supports phone and tablet devices).

It really takes it to the next level with amazing customizations and configurations, making the experience incredibly realistic. The credit really goes to another developer Opotech, who's been the pioneer in this space, after having come out with this feature on Android quite a few months before the iOS7 feature was showcased. This really shows a lot of insight on the part of this talented developer. Kudos!

iOS7 Parallax Live Wallpaper for Android is similar in structure to Opotech's LWP, with the addition of some really amazing controllers that make the customization nifty and the experience mind bogglingly realistic. The controls are in tune with your device's gyroscope and the experience is magical.

Some of the features include:

✔ Ultra-realistic iOS 7 like experience
✔ Choose from a set of In-built High-resolution Depth-personified Backdrops and Wallpapers
✔ Choose your own Custom Wallpaper or Image files from your Gallery or other Wallpaper Apps
✔ Easily Configure the Sensitivity of the LWP to your device's Gyro
✔ Configure Pitch and Roll
✔ Configure Rotation Angle and Lock the rotation if need be
✔ Configure image zoom level
✔ much more ...

The experience is beyond magical. Try iOS 7 Parallax Effect on your Android Device now!!


✔ Added 3 new backdrop images (including Man of Steel)
✔ Heavily optimized images (same quality smaller size)
✔ Replaced Launcher Panning with Wallpaper Scroll (basically functions the same)
✔ Changed versioning for better build management

✔ Added new iOS7 backdrop image
✔ Updated backdrops names (names didn't show earlier)
✔ Tweaks, fixes

✔ Initial release

What's New:

✔ Added 4 new backdrop images (2 Zelda and 1 iOS 7 real and 1 fake iOS 7 wallpapers)
✔ More Image optimizations
✔ Minor cosmetic updates (slight performance gains)

9.39 Mb
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