Friday, 14 June 2013

Press (RSS Reader) 1.3.1


Attention: Even though Google Reader will shutdown on July 1st, Press will be offering the following syncing services going forward:
Available now
- Google Reader (until July 1st)
- Feed Wrangler
- Feedbin
Coming soon
- Feedly
- Fever

Press is an RSS reader that is all about the reading experience. It has been designed with the purpose of making your news easier to read. Quickly move from screen to screen and effortlessly manage the articles you want and the ones you don't.
We designed an app that we want to use and hopefully our attention to detail will be evident on every screen.

- No ads
- Syncs with Google Reader, Feed Wrangler, and Feedbin
- Widgets (Lockscreen support for 4.2+)
- Readability integration
- Vertical or horizontal swiping to navigate articles
- Background syncing (with notifications)
- Quickly mark articles as read/unread
- Offline reading support
- Clean reading environment
- Image zooming
- Change reading font style and size
- Article text alignment
- Share the articles you read or star them for later
- Open articles in the app or your default browser
- YouTube API support
- DashClock extension

- Tap the favicon to the left of an article to "fast mark" the articles as read/unread
- Long-press the favicon to reveal several more actions including starring and sharing
- When reading an article:
- Double-tap an image to get a closer look
- Double-tap anywhere else to mobilize the article
- Tap the article title to read it in the browser

Read Log Permission:
Note: The Read Log permission was added as a way for our customers to quickly and easily email their crash logs for any unique problems they may be experiencing. This permission is ONLY used when a user explicitly goes to the About screen, taps the version number, and is then prompted to email their log.

Please email us if you have any questions or problems. For ideas on how we can make the app better, check out our UserVoice page ( and let us know.

What's New:

- Fixed incorrect dates
- Added Feedbin support
- Added Feed Wrangler support
- New, streamlined phone interface (check Settings for default behavior)
- UI refinements
- Several bug fixes and performance enhancements
- Feedly and Fever support coming soon!
- Widgets!
- Swiping between articles
- Readability
- Quick actions when long-pressing article links
- Long press articles in the list to reveal quick actions
- In-app browser mobilization (Readability, Instapaper, and Google)

4.58 Mb
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