Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SleepStats 1.7.5


NEW weekend/weekday filtering, sleep pattern heat maps.

This application is an Add-on for Sleep as Android - the smart alarm clock which can track your sleep patterns, please make sure Sleep as Android is installed. This add-on brings advanced sleep statistics. It visualizes your sleep length, debt, wake-up and fall asleep hours, smart early wake-ups and ratings in week, 14-days, month, quarter, half year and yearly view.

What's New:

-few fixes and new translations (many thanks to our contributors)
-fix for chart sharing
-various new translations (many thanks to our contributors)
-ideal sleep duration selector is hidden in screens where it has no effect
-new ideal sleep times and fix in synchronization with the main app
-few fixes
-support for tags
-sleep duration as target criteria in advice

1.17 Mb
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