Monday, 22 July 2013

3D Tiles Parallax Pro 0.9.1


A high-resolution live wallpaper with 3D animated tiles in varying shades and amazing looking Parallax 3D effect. The tiles react to touch and move into other positions. There are variable controls for speed, height and color of the animation.

The parallax effect works perfect if the device has a gyroscope, but it has a backup mode which uses the Accelerometer and is also working very well.

To activate 3D Tiles Parallax Pro:
1. On any homescreen, place a finger on the display and long press.
2. From the menu that pops up, select “Wallpapers.”
3. From here, select “Live Wallpapers.”
4. Here you will see a list of the live wallpapers that are installed on your device.
5. Select 3D Tiles Pro

What's New:

- Selectable Themes (More themes will coming soon)
- 3D Parallax Accelerometer backup Mode
- Split 'Tile Size' to 'Tile Zoom' and 'Tile Size'
- Small fix for default values

266 Kb
Download (Zippyshare):