Monday, 29 July 2013

Cardstock -nova apex adw theme 2.3.3


Cardstock is an icon pack for replacement launchers such as Nova, Apex, ADW, Holo and Holo HD. The icons are flat, minimal, and elegant in design.

-Themes icons on your phone
-Built in wallpaper chooser with 13 wallpapers to choose from
-Circle me on Google Plus, and join our awesome community
-Request an icon
-Email me in-app
-Share the theme with friends via email

There are +375 individually themed icons!

If you'd like to request an icon, you can do so in-app, or here:

What Launcher should I use if i've never used a 3rd party one? I recommend Nova Launcher Prime.

The app drawer icon didn't theme?
The app drawer icon must be applied manually. (The apps within the app drawer all theme correctly, this is just referring to the icon for the drawer.) To do so, click and hold the icon on your homescreen and select 'edit', then click the icon picture. Choose icon pack, then Cardstock and scroll to your icon of choice.

How often does this get updated?
I try to update at least once a week, or as family time allows. It will be supported for the long run, so you can rest assured it is a good investment.

Does this work with GO Launcher?
-not at this time

Critical Reviews:

User Reviews:

Josh C 5/5
Easily the best icon set available
My title was written without hyperbole. I have a long history of using uniformly colored icons, to suit whatever theme/wallpaper I was rocking at the time - this set is the first that is a multitude of colors that I've ever used for more than a minute. I've been rocking them for well over a week, using a wide variety of backgrounds and themes with them. Buy them. Right now. Stop considering whether or not it's worth it, because an authority is declaring to you loudly that it is. They're worth it at triple the price. If you don't like them, please let me know, because I want to personally yell at you about your poor taste. I'm only joking about that last bit. Sort of. Seriously, though... these are fantastic. Buy them!

Greg M. 5/5
Awesome icon set, get it now!
Very cool icon set that gives a vintage and unique look along with the lifted look that makes it that much cooler. Buy it, you won't regret it!

Roberto M 5/5
Great Pack!!
Love having this pack on my phone... Also love being able to connect with the dev and find other easter eggs when i open the icon pack from the app drawer! 100% recommend!

Tags: Icons, theme, personalization, minimal, flat

What's New:

Version 2.3.3
-5 additional icons (below)
-Includes fixes for Android 4.3 phone activity and other misc activities
-Calculator ++

13.95 Mb
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