Thursday, 25 July 2013

Freehand for AOKP/CM10.1 v23


Beautiful, fun and quirky theme drawn completely freehand for our favorite mobile platform. Brings an organic and dynamic feel to your device!

The first freehand drawn theme for the Theme Chooser ... was Freehand CirclesMod. This is my second, acommodating those who don't want circular icons :-)

The theme applies via the Theme Chooser - tried and tested, working combinations of ROMs and devices include CyanogenMod 10.1 and AOKP running on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S/4/7, Galaxy S3, and HTC One.

I'VE PULLED ALL THE LAUNCHER ICONS! First off all the theme chooser engine is not at all ideal for distributing icon packs, and Nova/Apex/Go/ADW/ActionLauncher themes are much better suited, easier to handle, and therefore quicker to update.

Second, the introduction and more wide spread availability of 1080p devices with resolutions nudging up on 500ppi meant that the previous icons started looking a little bleak.

Therefore I've "rebooted" the Freehand icons, redrawing them in much higher resolution and releasing them as Launcher themes, usable by anyone running a custom launcher, not not rooted phones with custom ROMs.

The matching icons are here:
The monochrome icons are here:

This theme applies via the Theme Chooser.

1. Install this app.

2. Open Android Settings and select Themes.

3. Select my theme and press the "Apply" button.

4. Reboot

5. Seriously, reboot.

If you have issues or questions, please direct them at

I cannot communicate with you through the review section.
Your comments may not even be visible to me :-)

What's New:

I'm trying to fix a long standing, market-wide issue with spacing and placement of statusbar icons. If it breaks anything for my Android 4.0.3/4 users, I'd like to know at
I re-drew some of the framework, systemui and settings resources.
I've updated the most important system resources to the latest CM10.1 and AOKP nightlies.
I've also pulled out all the launcher icons!!!
Please see the description for details!

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