Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Angry Dogs 0.0.31


Angry Dogs takes classic defence games to a whole new level with a brand new story and graphics.
This is an action-strategy adventure with over 20 beautiful levels, unique characters and exciting gameplay.

The goal of Angry Dogs defence game is to stop Cats from destroying a city (Dogville).
The choice and positioning of the dogs is the essential strategy of the game.
All dogs have varied abilities and upgrades.
There are 5 different cat groups (activists, chemists, athletes, Thai and British) and they all trying to take control of the city.

Download "Angry Dogs" Game and protect Dogville!
Have fun and enjoy playing...

What's New:

And that's just the beginning - new updates will keep Angry Dogs game fresh, fun, and challenging! Now it's time to save Dogville!

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