Sunday, 11 August 2013

Convertor Pro 4.4


All the units you need to convert, wrapped in the best user interface: as easy and intuitive to use as a calculator. It's unit conversion done right!

· Converts as you type (no "Convert" button to press)
· Use mixed units, like feet+inches
· Freely mix fractions (like ½) with decimals (like 0.5)
· Switch units by swipe, long-press, or menu
· Unit calculator with clipboard "memory"
· Supports tablets
· Two UI skins, Classic Gray and Holo Dark
· Includes Chinese and Hong Kong units
· Over 450 units in 31 categories from the basics of length, weight and volume to the more specialist measurements of Magnetic Flux Density and Torque. For a full list, please see the Convertor Pro website,
· Currency conversions - converts the major world currencies listed by The European Central Bank - - but please note that this is a "casual" currency convertor; advanced currency tools are beyond the scope of this app.

What's New:

* Currency updates from ECB: remove Estonian Kroon, add Israeli Shekel
* Add various units to Flow category
* Add Minim to Volume category
* Revert to calc buttons in landscape only as default
* Fix incorrect conversion of Drop
* Fix formatting issues on various less-common screens
* Fix bug: equals and delete buttons incorrect after turning calc mode on/off

443 Kb
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