Saturday, 3 August 2013

Flat icons (ADW/Apex/GO/Nova) 3.5


At the moment this pack contains 270+ icons .

Which apps should be included next?
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This theme is build for GO Launcher, Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher.
But It can be used as a Iconpack for other launchers. Since it is a theme it takes a launcher to be used with and is not a standalone app. But all of the supported launcher have a free edition at Google Play //
If you like the theme, please leave a comment and a rating. If you think there is missing icons, please don't rate it bad. Write me an email with the icons you think there is missing. Will make the pack better for you and I will have happy consumers.

Full support:
GO Launcher EX
Apex Launcher
Nova Launcher

Semi support: (can be applied as theme, but only icons will change, no folder or dock background support)
Adw Launcher
Adw EX Launcher

Can use the the theme as iconpack (tested)
Holo Launcher

Flat Icons is a theme based on the icons should look as close as the original icon. This means that not all the icons are round or in a rounded box. (so disable iconback if your launcher applies it.. will make other icons look smaller).
The upside by doing this is that when an icon is not included it doesn't look like an outsider.


-As close as the orginal logo but in a flat design. This means if the logo is a 3d camera, then it will be a 2d version of the same camera.
- No gradiants
- Do not force the icons into a circle, square or any other form.


Q: My other icons are very small (GOLauncher)
A: Remember to disable iconback

Q: An icon is not replaced
A: longpress and replace it manually (but please tell me if the icons do not change automatically)

People who have helped out with this theme:
Kristian Jagd
Nikolas Bradshaw

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This update
Talk have been updated to hangouts!
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