Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Real Colors Pro 1.2.7


Used by 100.000+ creative people all over the world, Real Colors is the leading color palette generator from photos. We help designers and creative people get inspired from real life.

IMPORTANT: The functionality provided by Real Colors Pro is identical to that provided by upgrading to Pro inside our other app Real Colors. So, you can either buy the Real Colors Pro app OR use the upgrade inside the Real Colors app.

Google Play Staff Pick for both mobile and tablet.

"A designer's must", Miguel Maria Colon del Rey, Product Designer, Barcelona
"Fantastic work", Gina Chacon, Digital Artist, Mexico
"Love it", Adam Bjurstrom, Freelance designer, Louisville

- Automatically generate color palettes (color schemes) from photos using color theory rules: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad, split complementary and our unique algorithm
- Create beautiful wallpapers from your favorite color palettes
- Automatically generate the color spectrum from photo
- Colors from the color palette (color scheme) can be easily edited
- Get detailed information about the colors (HEX, RGB, HSB)
- Save color palettes in a library for future reference
- Export your color palettes (photo, color spectrum, HEX, RGB and HSB color values, Adobe Swatch Exchange file)
- Share your most beautiful color palettes (color schemes)

Real Colors is used by creatives all over the world for web design, interior design, colour matching for clothing and creating color themes.

We appreciate any kind of feedback that will make this product better. Send us your ideas to realcolors@makan-studios.com.

What's New:

Version 1.2.7
• Fixed crash when opening the app on some devices
Version 1.2.6
• Added ability to send photos from Gallery or other apps to Real Colors for color palette generation
Version 1.2.5
• Modified the way to pick photos from gallery. This solves the slow loading of the gallery when there are thousands of photos
Version 1.2.4
• Fixed some device crashes and sharing on Facebook and other networks
Version 1.2.2
• Some bug fixes on particular devices
Version 1.2.1
• Various bug fixes

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