Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Krome 2.2


*** THIS APP NEED CHROME WITH RICH NOTIFICATIONS ENABLED! Check your browser version and update it to the newest one (on Mac install Chrome Canary)! ***

Krome is a simple app that allows you to sync your Android notifications with Chrome on your PC. Just install this application on device, download Chrome extension and you are ready to go!

After configuration you can disable selected applications from showing notifications in Chrome. Krome also allows you to reply to SMS messages right from your browser - just click button below notification, write your reply and click send!

Chrome extension is available here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/krome/mppkdlbnbacpkibgpdolgbdblpdjlobh

All with Chrome (with notifications) available.


The app uses a secure connection to transfer the data. All notifications are sent via Google Cloud Messaging service. We keep small portions of data (app icons etc) on our servers and right after receiving notification on Chrome, we delete them. You can encrypt your data with your own key, which is NOT synced (you have to enter it in both apps).

App allows to send SMS messages, but you can disable that functionality in settings.


--- AndroidPolice (http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/07/18/hands-on-krome-pushes-all-your-android-notifications-to-desktop-chrome/)
"Krome is still brand new, so functionality is a little light. What it can already do is pretty impressive, though."

--- AppsZoom (http://www.appszoom.com/android_applications/tools/krome_gzseb.html):
"The app is set in an user-friendly interface, with a step-by-step tutorial to sync the app with the desktop extension and an intuitive way to manage notifications. A must-have app."

--- Droid-Life:

--- PhonesReview:

--- Phandroid:

--- Jeremy Gallman (JGandroot, http://www.youtube.com/user/JGandroot):


What's New:

- Changed timeouts
- Fix for force close at start with changing "spam" app
Also, Google is changing something on Chrome Web Store and all apps are not available to download. Please, be patient.
- New update to encryption (it should work better now)
- New main website for Krome (www.krome.mobi) with how-to install instructions and common issues
- Updated notification count for day
- Added multiselection and select/unselect all option
- Improved performance of app

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