Monday, 28 October 2013

AppDialer Pro–T9 app searching 4.0


“...if you’re a power user with a whole boat load of apps, this can make task launching much easier and faster than looking through app drawers” – XDA

Local app searching with T9 App Dialer.

Only Pro features:
★ Pin app to home screen
★ Show app info
★ Uninstall app
★ Quick Launch Panel in Notifications (Android 4.1+)
☆ Widgets (coming soon)
The App Dialer provides a revolutionary way to app search! Only a few clicks on a simple T9 keyboard are required to launch any app. This saves time when you need to find and launch apps quickly.

It features:
★ Local app searching by app name or vendor name
★ A Ranking System that lists “most-used” apps in descending order
★ An easy-to-use T9 keyboard
★ Lightning-fast searching
★ A “quick launch” panel in the notifications area (Pro version only)
★ Options to uninstall apps, pin icons to the Home screen or get app info (Pro version only).

The App Dialer is like a T9 "dialer”. It searches and launches apps as fast as possible. Just press on any number-pad button to search for the symbol on it.

App Dialer lets you quickly access applications on your Android device by searching application names or vendor names using a simple T9 keyboard. It continuously refines search results as you press each of the nine buttons, and improves as it learns from your launch history.

Compare with built-in Google Search.

App Dialer works like Google Search but is much faster and easier. Google Search uses an old-fashioned Qwerty keyboard, which is annoying when quick searching. But App Dialer uses a specially designed T9 keyboard for easy app searching.

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What's New:

★ Powerful widget! Launch app even more quickly! From Home screen or even from Lock screen.
Speeded up launch app a bit
Hide AppDialer in system recent apps list
★ Fix crash on show Quick Launch Panel

1.12 Mb
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