Thursday, 7 November 2013

3D Image Live Wallpaper 3.0.1


Increase the liveliness of your Android device with this moving parallax wallpaper.

***** ANDROID 4.3/NEXUS 4/NEXUS 7 2012 bug*****
There is a bug in Android 4.3 on Nexus 4 & 7 (2012) that prevents the gyroscope working properly. It has been reported to Google:
Want to test the latest Beta version? See Instructions:

• Creates 3D Image depth effect from any image
• Highly responsive gyro controlled Parallax live wallpaper
• Includes beautiful high resolution Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack
• Efficient hardware accelerated graphics
• Adjustable movement options (Sensitivity/Depth)
• Use your own background images
• Close one eye to enhance the parallax effect
What others are saying:
"The app basically makes your wallpaper feel like an immersive and lively 3D image." -
"Nifty & Easy" - 'All About Android 113'

3D depth effect works best with images with strong edges - i.e. not plain colours or smooth gradients.

To start, long-press on an open area on your homescreen, select Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper and then pick "3D Image Live Wallpaper" from the list.


Why does the app say it's incompatible?
> The app requires a gyroscope sensor, not all devices have this.

The Image is too small
> There are some problems when using Cloud based images (Dropbox/Skydrive etc.) Please use images that are stored on your device.

I can't see the 3D effect
> Make sure you have set the wallpaper, and use a homescreen that has several icons. Avoid using images that lack detail, such as simple gradients or shades. The parallax effect works better if you close one eye. Also try adjusting the sensitivity option.

Jerky movement
> Try unchecking the "Reduce Sensor Drift" option

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3D Image Live Wallpaper is Powered by LibGDX

What's New:

• NEW: 3 multi-layer scenes.
• Fixed bug on 4.4/Google drive

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