Friday, 20 December 2013

Root Toolbox PRO 3.0.0 A2


Version 3.0.0 is around the corner.

I'm completely rebuilding the application, and one of the main goal of doing this is to make it compilable with the new versions of Android and table devices.

This is only a sneak preview of the upcoming update so handle with care.

A NANDROID backup should be done before you use this application and only use it if you are an experienced root user, for now anyway. Lots of security algorithms will be added once it's all working correctly.

All old features will be added in time, but please feel free to request any new ones.

What's New:

* Fixed error stopping the app from launching
* Added this change log
* Added in system app settings
* Added option to enable percentage in battery for 4.4 and above (This is built in to the system, it is only controlled by this app)
* Added options menu, keeping it simple for now

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Download (Zippyshare):